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Mission 1 for the compassion express foundation

Updated: May 17, 2021

Despite a cold night, the ongoing pandemic and the normal issues and problems associated with any sort of outreach programs, the compassion express‘ inaugural mission took place without a hitch!

The mission could not have been accomplished without the help of many, but special thanks go out to Dustin Aaronson , Jimmy Pizzuto and Jarod Fusco for the incredible amount of work, effort and resources they put towards ensuring that our first mission to help the homeless was a success and actually going out and interacting with those in need on the coldest night of December

Also special thanks to all the families that contributed the many jackets and sweatshirts. Special call outs to the Amoruso family, Dym Family, Bates family, Silverman family, Aaronson family, Pizzuto family and so many more for the gathering of jackets,, blankets, clothes, boots etc. We distributed over 20 jackets, 30 blankets, 40 winter hats, , 40 pairs of winter socks, 40

personal hygiene bags, dozens of warms soups, McDonald gift cards, Dunkin gift cards and so much more. Most importantly we delivered and distributed compassion to those in need.

We learned a lot on this mission. Mostly that there is a severe mental health crisis on the streets of NYC in the homeless community. We also learned how we can prepare better and what some of the needs are that we hadn't thought of.

Many more missions and acts of compassion to come. Thanks For checking in and thanks for everyone’s support to make the compassion express a success!!


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