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Brittany Vilar Scholarship

Brittany Vilar is in the fight for her life.

In October of 2014 Brittany was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Soon thereafter, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy and 4 months of chemotherapy, followed by reconstructive surgery. Over the next 6 years she and her wife Erin dedicated their lives to filling their home with love and laughter. This journey lead them to fostering 11 children, one of which they were able to adopt, and the birth of their own miracle baby. In September of 2020, while in for a routine scan, Brittany’s surgeon found a mass on her lung. This mass was biopsied and confirmed to be metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer, at this time, is incurable. It requires a  lifetime of treatment. 

Strength. Courage. Resilience. Faith. Hope. These are just a few of the weapons needed on a day to day basis in the fight against metastatic breast cancer. These qualities, while absolutely critical in the fight against cancer, are also helpful in everyday life.  So, it’s here, that we celebrate them in Brittany. Through this scholarship, we will recognize these qualities in outstanding individuals who overcome adversity in their own lives. 

Brittany has always had a love for education. First as a student and now as an educator. She believes that any student looking to continue their education beyond high school, should have the opportunity to do so, without financial constraints. This scholarship will honor her love for education by benefiting students who have been financially impacted by the cost of life saving medical treatments in the fight against advanced or metastatic cancer. The scholarship will support students who have overcome the hardship of watching a loved one fight for their life, which often exhausts the family’s financial resources. 

Brittany Vilar Scholarship: Service
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