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Compassion Express Completes Another Mission!

Once again, the Compassion Express team came together on a less than ideal day to help those less fortunate and bring a message of caring and compassion to the Huntington Community.

The April 21st outing was held in conjunction with The Suffolk County Police Department and Suffolk County Social Services. An early start putting together breakfast continued well into the day with a stop at the Tri-Community and Youth Agency of Huntington Station as well as the local library.

In addition to the regular Compassion Express program of providing food, clothes, shoes and other basic items the team also worked together with Sam Cereste from Meister, Seelig & Fein LLP to provide pro-bono legal services to a local resident as well as collaborating with Debbie Rimmler from the youth center to conceptualize new programs that could be introduced in the near future to further serve the community.

Compassion Express would like to extend thanks to the Suffolk County Police Department, and in particular, officers Wustenhoff and Doughty who played a prominent role in the days' activities.

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